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How Hard To Get Into OHSU Dental School: Requirements | Acceptance Rate | Tuition

TheOHSU Dental School Acceptance Rate is 7.9%. The average Overall GPA is 3.71, average Science GPA is 3.66. And the average DAT score is about 21. The tuition for the D.M.D. program at Oregon Health and Science University Dental School is $11,530 per term for residents.

Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry, located in Portland, OR, was established in 1898. Now, The dental school is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

The OHSUSchool of Dentistry is a publicly supported institution, dedicated to offering an exemplary learning experience for students in a nurturing and caring environment. Students at OHSUSchool of Dentistry will learn dentistry in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

OHSU Dental School Requirements 
 Acceptance Rate

Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry

Oregon Health and Science University Dental School is dedicated to providing educational programs, basic and clinical research, and high-quality health care and community programs. 

Quick Review (Doctor of Dental Medicine Program)



AADSAS Application


Application Deadline

November 1

Class Size


Class Duration

47 months

Class Start




Secondary Application

Not Required

International Students


  • Dental School Location: Portland, OR
  • Address: 2730 S. Moody Avenue, Portland, OR 97201-5042
  • Phone: 503-494-5274
  • Accreditation: Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)

How long is the length of theOHSUSchool of Dentistry?

The class length of the DMD program atOregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry is 47 months. Graduates of the program will earn a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree. Currently, approximately one-third of dental schools in the United States award a D.M.D. degree. 

OHSU Dental School Requirements, Admissions Statistics, Tuition

Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry is the only dental school offering a DMD program. So, we can see that admission to the OHSUSchool of Dentistry is highly competitive.

Here are the newest acceptance rate, tuition, and admissions requirements of theOHSUSchool of Dentistry.

OHSU Dental School Acceptance rate and Admissions statistics

In-state Tuition


Out-of-state Tuition


Application Fee


Avg Overall GPA


Avg Science GPA


Avg DAT Score


Acceptance Rate


Letters of Rec.


Dental Observation

  • AADSAS Application Deadline: November 1
  • Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of evaluation from basic science faculty and one from a dental professional, or one pre-professional committee letter.
  • Minimum Overall GPA: recommended 3.0
  • Minimum Science GPA: recommended 3.0
  • Minimum DAT Score: A minimum score of 15 in all DAT categories
  • Male: 39
  • Fale: 35

AADSAS Application and Deadline

To apply for theDoctor of Dental Medicine Program atOHSUSchool of Dentistry, applicants must complete the AADSAS application online.

The deadline for the OHSU’s AADSAS application is November 1.

OHSU Dental School acceptance rate

According to the admission statistics ofOregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry, the newest acceptance rate of the DMD Program is 8.9%. In the last application cycle, there were 940 applicants who applied for theDMD Program atOHSUSchool of Dentistry. Finally, only 74 of the applicants were enrolled in the new class.

As far as I know, this dental school acceptance rate is not very high.

Acceptance Rate ofDoctor of Dental Medicine Program2020
Total Applicants940
Entering Class74
Acceptance rate7.9%

What are the DAT scores need for OHSUSchool of Dentistry?

Admission requirements require all applicants should have a minimum score of 15 in all DAT categories. OHSU does not accept the Canadian DAT.

Note that OHSU only considers ADA DAT scores not older than 3 years. The deadline for receipt of official DAT scores is November 1.

Below are the average DAT scores of the accepted students.

Average DAT Scores
Academic Average20.80
Total Science20.32
Perceptual Ability21.22

You can compare it with the average DAT score of the below dental schools.

What is the GPA need forOHSUSchool of Dentistry?

Generally, the minimum required GPA is 3.0. Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry recommended that applicants have a minimum of 3.0 in both cumulative overall GPA and science/BCP GPA. 

Learned from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry class profile, the average BCP (Bio, Chem, Physics) is 3.65, the Science GPA is 3.66, the Overall GPA is 3.71.

Average GPAs
BCP (Bio, Chem, Physics)3.65
Science GPA3.66
Non-Science GPA3.82
Overall GPA3.71

Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry tuition and fees

The tuition atOregon Health & Science University Dental School is different for the resident and non-resident.

For the academic year of 2020-2021, the tuition for the D.M.D. program is $11,530 per term forresidents, the annual tuition is $46,120. For thenon-residents, the tuition is $18,609 per term, the annual tuition is $74,436.

Tuition per term$11,530$18,609
Tuition per year$46,120$74,436
Clinic Infrastructure Assessment (CIA) fee for 1st year$8,793$8,793
University fee per year$2,332 $2,332 
Major Medical Insurance for 1st year$5,409.11$5,409.11
Dental Insurance per year$403.72 $403.72 

Admissions Requirements forOHSU DMD program

AADSAS ApplicationRequired
Official TranscriptsRequired
Bachelor’s degreeRecommended
DAT scoresRequired
Three Letters of RecommendationRequired
A minimum of 50 clinical observation hours in a dental settingRequired
Prerequisite CourseworkRequired

OHSU Dental School Prerequisite Coursework

To apply to the DMD program, applicants must complete the following courses with a grade of C or better.

CoursesSemester Hours / Quarter Hours
General Biology with Lab3 or 2
Organic Chemistry with Lab2 or 2
General Chemistry with Lab3 or 2
Physics3 or 2
Biochemistry1 or 1
Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab3 or 2
English Composition3 or 2

Programs and Degrees

Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry offers many degree programs to fit the different career choices of students. The main programs and degrees include:

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine Program
  • Advanced Education Programs
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Endodontics Program
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • General Practice Residency Program
  • Periodontics
  • Dental Career Exploration Programs
  • Orthodontics

Oregon Health and Science University

Oregon Health and Science University, founded in 1974, is a public college. OHSU is dedicated to the development of human health and to improving research in food safety and the prevention and treatment of difficult diseases. The university is ranked #29 in the best medical schools in the U.S.

As a health and research university, OHSU brings together education, research, health care, and community service. Oregon Health and Science University is a large medical school and research university, which also includes several affiliated hospitals. The university campus is home to a collection of affiliated and specialty hospitals, which are connected by long corridors.

Oregon Health & Science University has five schools, which are:

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Dentistry
  • OHSU/OSU College of Pharmacy
  • OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
  • School of Nursing

OHSU offers a number of specialized research programs and master’s degree programs. The main programs available include:

Doctor of Dental Medicine, Behavioral Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Information, Computer Science and Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Neuroscience, Molecular, and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell and Developmental Biology, Molecular Medical Genetics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental and Biological Systems, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Science and Engineering, Environmental and Biosystems, Environmental Science and Engineering, Management Science and Technology, Health Care, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Physiology and Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Information, Clinical Nutrition, Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Research, Public Health, Research Assistant Physician.

How hard to get into the Oregon Health and Science University Dental School?

As we knew above, although the acceptance rate ofOregon Health and Science University Dental School is not so low, and there is no required minimum GPA, that does not mean it’s easy to get into the top Dental School.

In contrast, from the average GPA and DAT scores, we can guess that admission to the Oregon Health & Science University Dental School is highly competitive.

So, if you want to attend this dental school, make your biggest to prepare for applying for it.