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Dental School Acceptance Rate | Average DAT Score

Which dental school with the highest dental school acceptance rate? Or what is the easiest dental school to get into?

What is the average DAT score for 2023?

How hard is it to get into a dental school?

You can find all the answers in this post. Our dental school admission advisor of Dental School Rankings listed the latest acceptance rates and average DAT scores for dental schools in the country. You can refer to it to choose the most suitable dental schools to apply to.

But remember to check out the updated dental school admission statistics from dental schools’ official websites.

Dental School Acceptance Rate

Admission to dental schools is highly competitive and the acceptance rate varies greatly among other schools and programs.

In general, dental schools have a lower acceptance rate compared to other types of professional schools, such as medical schools. This is because the number of qualified applicants often exceeds the number of available spots in dental schools.

Dental School Acceptance Rate | Average DAT Score

To increase your chances of being accepted into a dental school, it is important to have a strong academic record, good scores on the Dental Admission Test (DAT), and relevant experience in the field.

Additionally, some dental schools may also consider factors such as letters of recommendation, personal statements, and interviews.

Overall, the dental school acceptance rate can be a useful measure of a program’s competitiveness and the likelihood of being accepted.

Latest Acceptance rates for dental schools in the United States.

Dental SchoolNumber of ApplicantsNumber of EnrolleesAcceptance RateAverage DAT
UCSF Dental School1,357906.63%22.8
UCLA Dental School1,384886.36%23.2
Western Dental School2,855702.5%20
Loma Linda Dental School1,2001008.33%20.5
University of Pacific Dental School2,0761467.03%22.2
USC Dental School2,3461446.1%20.5
Buffalo Dental school1,800955.25%20.9
NYU Dental School3,03536712.1%21
Stony Brook Dental School946464.86%22.3
Touro Dental School2,5391144.5%21.2
Columbia Dental School1,501885.86%23
Nova Dental School2,2801225.4%20.8
LECOM Dental School3,3301053.2%20.3
University of Florida Dental School1,696935.5%22
Boston Dental School2,2931155.0%20.2
Tufts Dental School3,9462095.3%20
Harvard Dental School920353.80%24.3
Midwestern Illinois Dental School2,3461406.0%19.4
Southern Illinois Dental School632507.91%19.9
University of Illinois at Chicago Dental School1,300665.08%20.5
Temple Dental School2,7551415.1%21.1
UPenn Dental School2,2111356.1%22.4
Pittsburgh Dental School1,521805.26%21.3
Texas A&M Dental School1,4261037.2%21.7
UT Health Dental School1,5991006.3%20.7
UTexas Dental School1,6171066.56%21.4
Michigan Dental School1,6041086.7%21.8
Detroit Mercy Dental School1,5171439.4%19.6
Case Western Dental School2,315753.2%20.9
Ohio State School95612012.55%21
Arizona Dental School2,424773.2%19.6
Midwestern Arizona Dental School2,2461426.3%20.2
Roseman Dental School2,0901004.78%19.1
Utah Dental School4795010.44%21.3
Kentucky Dental School1,102655.89%20.3
Louisville Dental School1,8961176.17%20.3
Rutgers Dental School1,995954.76%21.5
Colorado Dental School2,292803.49%20.9
VCU Dental School2,156944.4%21.4
Nevada Dental School1,796824.57%20.7
West Virginia Dental School8531035.63%19.2
Washington Dental School6256310.08%22
Georgia Dental School8579611.20%20.3
Indiana Dental School1,2471078.58%19.9
Maryland Dental Schoo1,9461306.68%20.9
UConn Dental School1,332513.83%21,7
Howard Dental School1,075706.51%18
Marquette Dental School2,4371074.4%20.7
OHSU Dental School892728.07%20.4
LSU Dental School755759.33%21.5
Iowa Dental School859809.31%20.5
Minnesota Dental School1,00910310.21%20.9
Mississippi Dental School1934020.73%20.1
UAB Dental School1,076847.8%21.2
UNE Dental School898648.13%19.3
Oklahoma Dental School738527.04%20.3
MUSC Dental School1,342785.81%20.3
ECU Dental School3565314.9%20.5
UNC Dental School 1,381755.43%22.1
Nebraska Dental School613548.81%20.1
Creighton Dental School1,9981155.76%20.1
UMKC Dental School85110912.8%20.5
KCU Dental School
Missouri Dental School1,609633.92%18.9

How to increase your chances of being accepted into a dental school?

To some extent, these dental school acceptance rate is similar each year. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being accepted into dental school.

First and foremost, you should focus on getting good grades in your undergraduate courses, particularly in subjects related to the biological and physical sciences.

In addition, you should try to gain relevant experience in the field of dentistry, such as through volunteering at a dental clinic or shadowing a dentist.

Finally, you should make sure to take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and prepare well for it. Many dental schools use the DAT as part of their admissions process, so a high score can help you stand out from other applicants.