Dental Hygienist Salary in Alaska

The average dental hygienist salary in Alaska is about $86,562 per year, top-level dental hygienist salary in AK is around $109,226, and the starting level dental hygienist salary is about $64,787.

How Much do Dental Hygienist Make in AK?

How much does a dental hygienist make in Alaska?

As of December 2021, a dental hygienist can make from $64,787 up to $109,226 per year in Alaska. The range mainly falls between $75,164 and $98,425 per year. 

Dental Hygienist Salary in Alaska

The average dental hygienist salary in AK is $86,562, this averagedental hygienist salary is higher than the average dental hygienist salary in Alabama and the average dental hygienist salary in Kentucky.

Thedental hygienist salary inAlaska ranges can vary widely depending on many factors, such as the city, certifications, education, the experiences you have earned in your profession, additional skills.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Alaska






In 2022, the minimum wage rate in Alaska is $10.34 per hour. The minimum wage for Alaska workers is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. And the Alaska minimum wage applies to most employees, with a few exceptions, including certain tipped employees, students or part-time employees, and other exempt occupations.

The top 5 states in the U.S. for minimum wage are the District of Columbia, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and New York.

DentalHygienist Salaries in Cities in Alaska

LocationAverage Dental Hygienist Salary
Palmer, AK$84,724
Sitka, AK$83,959
Adak, AK$84,724
Akiachak, AK$84,724
Akiak, AK$84,724
Akutan, AK$84,724
Alakanuk, AK$84,724
Aleknagik, AK$84,724
Allakaket, AK$84,369
Ambler, AK$84,369

Here are more statistics on the dental hygienist salary in other states.

Dental Hygiene Schools in Alaska

There is one CODA-accredited dental hygiene schools in Alaska. On our website, you can check out more dental hygiene schools that offer Bachelor of Science degree or Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene.

  • University of Alaska Anchorage
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